By recognizing their shared achievements, TRA honors author-editor partnerships.



We believe chapbooks are little acts of love. Often hand-bound in small batches by dedicated editor-publishers, chapbooks are capable of expressing considerable personalities and creating immediate, intimate spaces with readers.

Tandem Reader Awards was established in 2016 as a nonprofit organization to award the special relationship between writer and editor. We acknowledge the hurdles impeding accessibility to many awards in our creative community, especially for minority and marginalized voices. In recognition of this disparity between who can and cannot submit to many awards, we pledge our commitment to being broadly accessible within the literary community by maintaining fee-free nominations.

TRA’s Code of Ethics

Our policy is non-discriminatory and focused on awarding excellent craft independent of age, race, sex, gender, class, religion, culture, social status, sexual orientation, disability, or nationality. We believe that integrity and transparency are the bedrock of an ethical contest. We agree: 1) To maintain clear, specific award guidelines. 2) To disclose accurately any information about potential conflicts of interest and to address all unethical behavior on the part of our volunteers, readers, board, and judges. 3) To make the full list of nominees available to the public.