2016 TRA Nominations

Bottlecap Press

Too Many Humans of New York by Abigail Welhouse


Bull City Press

Figuring by Anna Ross (nominated by publisher)
Look Alike by Emilia Phillips (nominated by publisher)
Memoranda by Michael Martone (nominated by publisher)


The Cupboard Pamphlet

The Coupon Thief by Lily Hoang (nominated by publisher)
Mother Tongues by Theodora Ziolkowski (nominated by publisher)
The Projector by Jenn Marie Nunes (nominated by publisher)


dancing girl press

Bad Baby by Abigail Welhouse
Self Is Wolf by Nicole Oquendo
Translucent, sealed. by Megan Merchant


Deadly Chaps Press

The Gods are Dead by Joanna C. Valente (nominated by publisher)
My Bedside Radio by Anthony Cappo (nominated by publisher)


Easy Brew Studio

Strange Monsters by Peter Brewer & Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam


ELJ Publications

17 Days by E. Kristin Anderson


Finishing Line Press

Shining from a Different Firmament by Beatriz F. Fernandez


Gazing Grain Press

Sweet/Crude: A Bakken Boom Cycle by Heidi Czerwiec


Horse Less Press

The Red Essay & Other Histories by Claudia Cortese


Hyacinth Girl Press

The Insomnia Circus by Amorak Huey
The Midway Iterations by T.A. Noonan


Indolent Books

Amaranth by Robert Carr (nominated by publisher)
Capsid A Love Song
by Joseph Osmundson (nominated by publisher)
Dear Liz
by Lisa Andrews (nominated by publisher)
Drugs and Disease Free by Michael Broder (nominated by publisher)
Geographies of Soul and Taffeta by Sarah Sarai (nominated by publisher)


Monk Books

Carolina Ebeid (Ruth Stone Reader) by Carolina Ebeid (nominated by publisher)
DORA/ANA/GUATAVIT@ (Ruth Stone Reader)
by Jennif(f)er Tamayo (nominated by publisher)
(Ruth Stone Reader) by Rachel Eliza Griffiths (nominated by publisher)
Navigational Clouds by Alina Gregorian (nominated by publisher)
Travelogue (Ruth Stone Reader) by Cathy Linh Che (nominated by publisher)


Paper Nautilus Press

Puzzle Pieces by Bernard Grant
Pictures from the Center of the Universe by Allie Marini Batts (nominated by Bernard Grant & publisher)


Rabbit Catastrophe Press

A Study in Spring (The Baltic Writing Residency) by Nicole Callihan & Zoƫ Ryder White


Sadie Girl Press

Born to Electrify by Raquel Reyes-Lopez (nominated by publisher)
The Language I Was Broken In (nominated by publisher)
The Unnamed Algorithm by Sarah Thursday (nominated by publisher)


Slapering Hol Press

The Math of Gifts by HeidiLynn Nilsson (nominated by publisher)
The Owl Invites Your Silence by Richard Parisio (nominated by publisher)


Two Sylvias Press

Naming the No-Name Woman by Jasmine An (nominated by publisher)